Helsinki Tattoo Artist - Tattoo Mack

Helsinki based Tattoo Artist, Adam 'Mack' MacKintosh, is a New Zealand native who spent his entire life dedicated to working in the arts.

From the age of 4 years old, Mack became obsessed with the idea of pictures on the skin, and began the life-long study of drawing and painting, with the long-term goal of becoming a Tattoo Artist.

In 2013, Mack immigrated to Helsinki, Finland, where in 2020 he began his apprenticeship as a Tattoo Artist. Currently, Mack is a resident artist at Spark Studio, in Helsinki.

'Tattoo Mack' Clothing and Prints were created as an additional outlet and contribution to the art-form of Tattooing, and Tattoo style. And as a way for you, to get something rad on your body, or on your walls. Hand-made, hand-drawn, no-AI-involved, by a real, rootin' tootin' artist.

Mack specialises in Western Traditional, Blackwork, and Ornamental Tattoo styles. However, Mack is openly interested and welcomes the challenge in working with new ideas, styles, and techniques. 

Above all, Mack is dedicated to the customer, creating fun and safe tattoo sessions for all, and keeping informed on the latest techniques and technologies, to provide you with the best possible products.

Thank you in advance, for all those who chose to work with, and support, Tattoo Mack.